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  • The modern Nation of Thailand is a multicultural society. The predominant Thai culture, identity and civilisation emerged as a by product of the interaction of the indigenous population with Tai and other immigrant peoples ( including Chinese and Indian ).
  • When people call themselves ‘’ Thai ’’ they mean they are in the political sense, subjects of the Thailand nation. If explored further the word has a cultural and, for many, a linguistic sense. However not all Thailand citizens speak Thai and of those who do so it is a second language for them.
  • This Thai identity in its present form is relatively recent.
  • For your travel information guide we extensively detail ethnic diversity in Thailand and the resulting varieties of festivals, customs and beliefs.
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  • Asiasworld explores themes in each region, these are ethnic cultures, history, and the art and architecture of each ethnic group in their respective region.
  • Asiasworld also explores the Asia world heritage sites, the places of significant natural beauty and offers suggested priorities on what to see and where.
  • Asiasworld explains the various religions, origin myths, social  and cultural concepts of Asia. In doing so we do not paraphrase the teachings of each but make simple analysis of comparisons.

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  • Thailand has in excess of 148 wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks and Marine National Parks. In our travel information guide each of these 148 National Parks is detailed individually and within each regional classification of Thailand, being South Thailand National Parks, East Thailand National Parks, North Thailand National Parks [59], Central Thailand National Parks and Northeast Thailand ( Isan ) National Parks and Marine National Parks. Read more here;
  • The National Marine Parks provide tourists and nature lovers with the opportunity to see several major ecosystems and the distinctive plant and animal species that inhabit each of them. Thailand's Marine Parks are located in three regions of Thailand. These are [1] The Andaman Sea region on the west coast of Southern Thailand, [2] the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand and [3] the coast of East Thailand.    Read more here;

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Every Tourist Should Understand About Thailand History To Appreciate What Is seen Here Today.

  • Thailand history commences in the pre history period and then during the last 2000 years is the history of different empires and different ethnic kingdoms. These flourished over different portions and at different times over the land which now comprises the modern Thailand nation. 
  • These groups and periods included The Srivijaya Kingdom in South Thailand the Dvaravati Kingdom of the Mon people in Central Thailand The Haripunchai Kingdom in North Thailand The Khmer Cambodian Empire over most of Thailand and the Tai Kingdoms the Lan na Kingdom the Sukhothai Kingdom the Ayutthaya Kingdom the Taksin Kingdom and the Chakri Kingdom.
  • As not all events took place in all of Thailand we have also divided Thailand history into NorthCentral Northeast and South Thailand history and therein dealt with events relevant to that part of Thailand.
  • In this travel guide we inform about history of Thailand...... Read More Here

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  • In we mention the major non-Tai speaking ethnic groups as well as the Chinese and major Tai ethnic groups. We detail 16 ethnic groups located in North Thailand, 5 in North East Thailand, 4 in South or Southern Thailand and 4 in Central Thailand. This list of detailed groups is still not complete and other minority groups will be detailed soon.
  • The Tai tribes ( of which we identify the significant groups ) are considered in the regions of Central Thailand, North Thailand, South or Southern Thailand and North East Thailand. These regions are relevant in that ethnic diversity is also varied through out the regions of Thailand. Modern Thailand is a modern political Nation now comprising what were historically numerous ethnic cultures and Kingdoms. The ethnic characteristics, belief systems, languages and lifestyles of each of all the tribes are compared also within these links. As between the Tai tribes the points of comparison are language and script, culture and art and architecture style. As between all the other ethnic tribes the points of comparison are language groups, monogamous and polygamous cultures, animist and non animist beliefs, ancestor worship or not, Indic script or Khmer based text, highland dwellers ( dry rice farmers ) or lowland farmers ( wet rice farmers ), hierarchical and non hierarchical societies, spirit beliefs and religion ( Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, animist, etc ).