Guan Yin In South East Asia

Guan Yin Dancers

  • Guan Yin is a Chinesse Goddess (Bodhisattva) worshiped by Chinese Buddhists as a Goddess of Mercy. In Thailand Temples revering Guan Yin can be seen everywhere either as traditional Chinese Temples in Chinese art and architecture style exclusively revering Guan Yin, or as adjuncts within Thai style Buddhist temples in which Chinese Dieties also are present. In Chinatown Bangkok and at points along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok Chinese Temples honoring Guan Yin can be seen and visited. In Chinese '' Guan '' as with '' Guan Yu '' and Guan Yin '' means to watch, monitor and observe and Yin means to refer to the sounds of those you who suffer. The Goddess Guan Yin refers to she who is compassionate, who watches for and assists those who seek assistance and help.
  • The word '' Bodhisattva '' comes from India and translates from the word '' Bodhi '' meaning enlightenment and wisdom and ''sattva '' meaning essence, being or presence. Thus a Bodhisattva refers to a being of enlightenment transcending circles of life and death assisting others attain enlightenment and demonstrating compassion in the process.