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South Thailand Tourism & Travel

  • The Thailand scenery, sea and beaches draw millions of tourists to South Thailand every year. Phuket is the major tourist location in South Thailand. The International Air services can fly direct to Phuket or one can take a domestic flight from Bangkok. Phuket is on the West Coast of South Thailand and is central to many other places of interest and beauty. There are many places close to Phuket which are highly recommended.
  • The other major tourist destination for Thailand beach resort holidays is the island Ko Samui, which is off the East Coast in the Gulf of Siam. There are direct flights to Ko Samui by domestic air carriers from Bangkok.
  • South Thailand is excellent for the Sea, its Marine National Parks, boating, sailing, diving or just resting on its excellent beaches the tropical forests, islands and Karst landscapes.
  • In the Phuket and Krabi links we detail the many locations at these places. As travel distances in South Thailand are significant we recommend travelers to Phuket also take the opportunity to see Phi Phi, Ao Phang Nga, Tarutao and Ko Surin Marine Parks.

Ko Samui Beach Scene

About South Thailand

  • South Thailand comprises the Southern Peninsula with the Andaman Sea to the West and the Gulf of Siam to the East. It is a mountainous region and the Phuket Mountain Range is the most important on the West from Chumphon to Krabi and to the East is the Nakhon Si Thammarat Mountain Range from Surat Thani to Satun. Between these ranges are the plains and limestone hills and to the South the Sannkalakhiri Mountains which divide Malaysia and Thailand.

The Two Coastlines

  • The two coastlines on either side of the Peninsula are completely different. The West Coast was created by the sinking of land and the creation of the Andaman Islands and the East Coast was created by lifting of sediment flowing from the rivers.
  • These geographical differences determined the pattern of settlement. On the West Coast there were marinas for shipping and on the East, agriculture. The location of the Peninsula on the ancient world trade shipping routes determined its history.
  • The marine attractions are unsurpassed with dramatic scenery created by limestone Karst, sea caves, pristine white sandy beaches and coral reefs. The coastline is biologically very diverse and its locations are at times home to millions of migrating birds.