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Ramkhamhaeng National Museum Sukhothai

  • Ramkhamhaeng National Museum Sukhothai is loacted in the grounds of Sukhothai Historical Park as indicated on the map. (66 55 612 167) (Open 9 am until 4 pm daily)
  • The Museum displays artifacts of the Sukhothai Kingdom and later Ayutthaya Kingdom period discovered locally in the areas of Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai and Chaliang , Kamphaeng Phet and Petchaburn. These artifacts include inscribed stones  (also from the earlier Mon period) Sangkhalok pottery and procelain, Buddha images of various art styles, Hindu bronze dieties, various idols (such as Phra Ruang and Phra Lue), weapons, molds and votive tablets.
The Buddha Images on display here can, like the period generally, be divided into four characteristic groups.

(1)  Where the face is oval shaped, the hair top knotted and the nose high and bent and with an arched eye brow.

(2)  The '' Phra Buddhachinaraj style with all four small fingures being equal in length.

(3)  The Kamphaeng Phet group where the forehead is wider and the chin pointed.

(4)  The miscellaneous '' Wat Trakuan '' group where the face is rounder and the body  is  plump.

The Sangkhalok Ceramics
  • The Sangkhalok Ceramics on dislpay here are calassified by the manner of enameling of which there are six classifications. These are;
(1) those not enameled

(2) those with brown enamels

(3) those with light green enamels

(4) those with white enamels

(5) those with two colors, and

(6) those with patterns drwan below the enamel portions.
  • In addition there are interesting selections of artifacts such as Buddha footprints Bronze Buddha walking images in bronze, carved wooden doors, Chinese Yuan Dynasty period china ware, reproduction period kilns, stucco molding of images such as Kala and elephants and even a large hanging stone bell from earlier Mon times.