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Museum of Siam Bangkok

Siam Museum Bangkok

  • Museum of Siam was first opened in April 2008 and is located immediately south of Wat Pho on Rattanakosin Island. The museum building is a lovely 19 C building of classic proportions and the exhibition attempts to explain to Thai people their history and sources of their identity.
  • For a foreign tourist the Museum is good and deals with issues, such as the 1940 's dictatorship and attempts to mold Thai people into the then prescribed way of being, as was then also happening in Germany and Italy.
  • The principal themes of the display are the very first beginnings of human settlement in the region, the Ayutthaya Kingdom, the nature and then purposes of war, Ayutthaya's destruction by the Burmese and the recreation of the new Siam capital in Bangkok.
  • The issue of ethnic diversity is considered at length as are the cultural influences of foreign visitors and immigrants.
  • The exhibitions are located on each of the three floors of the building.
  • On the first floor the topic '' What is '' Thai anyway? '' is the theme.
  • The exhibition then continues on the third floor with the topics, '' Where the cavemen Thai ? '', '' Where was Suvarnabhumi ? '', '' What really is the heart of Buddhism ? '', '' What was the origin of the Ayutthaya Dynasty ? '', '' Who was the richest man in Ayutthaya ? '', '' Why did Ayutthaya wage war ? ''.
  • Next the exhibition continues downstairs on the second floor dealing with the topics, '' What was racially pure Thai ? '', Who inaugurated Bangkok as a capital of Siam ? '', and '' Who drew the first map if Siam ? ''.
  • The exhibition puts a different emphasis on the origins of Thai people, the major historical events and the events of the forties which are rarely discussed elsewhere today. The exhibits are interesting and relevant. Whilst the major emphasis is to educate Thai children the exhibits and themes are of value to tourists wanting to understand more about Thai people and thai history.