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The Kingdoms of Thailand

The Taksin Kingdom

  • During the encirclement of Ayuthaya by the Burmese, General Taksin and his army escaped, and with armies and supplies from vassal states in the East was able to regain independence for the Siamese within 6 months. The kingdom was fragmented but after the establishment by him of the new capital he was able to wrest control back to the new Kingdom. 
  • Taksin tackled the problems of consolidation of the Empire, wars with Cambodia and Burma, as well as domestic economic and administrative issues. This he did as well as restore national identity with religion and the arts. Taksin selected Bangkok as the new capital as it was impossible to restore Ayuthaya to its original condition and secure its defences for the future. 
  • Bangkok had excellent forts and its location was an important point of entry for foreign trade (and weapons). In 1773 King Taksin commanded the renovation of the city and named it ‘’Krung Thonburi’’. Thonburi remained the capital for 15 years. In 1781 there was a rebellion against King Taksin and he was executed in April 1782.