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South Thailand History

  • Ancient settlements existed in the Peninsula but changes in the 3rd C mark the beginning of recorded history. This happened with the arrival of ships and trade between the Romans, Arabs, Indians and Chinese.
  • The Peninsula was in the middle of this trade so the inhabitants were introduced to the civilisation ideas of these traders. During this period ports and cities were created. Throughout this period in the region there were States or Empires together called the Peninsula States. These included, Dan Sun, Chi Tu, Dan Dan and more than 10 others. The existence and wealth of these Kingdoms is noted in Chinese written records (annals). However all that remains today are the stone and bronze art works now visible in these Museums.
  • Then later Empires were formed which engulfed the Peninsula or various parts of it. The Chronology lists dates of interest for the traveler, the Empires that have controlled the Peninsula include Sukhothai, Ayuthaya and Bangkok.Prior to then the region was influenced by the period of Indianisationand the Srivijaya Empire.