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Northeast Thailand Kingdoms and Empires

There have been eight Kingdoms or Empires of significance in East Thailand during the past 2000 years. These include:
  • the Kingdom of Funan
  • the Kingdom of Chenla
  • the Dvaravati Kingdom
  • the Khmer Empire
  • the Tai-Lao Kingdom of Lan Xang
  • the Sukhothai KIngdom
  • the Tai Siamese Kingdom of Ayutthaya, and
  • the Tai Siamese Bangkok Empire

Different People & Different Kingdoms In Northeast Thailand

  • Funan was a Kingdom of mixed peoples, Melanesian, Mon, Austroloid and Khmer
  • Chenla was an Kingdom of the Khmer people
  • The Dvaravati Kingdom was that of the Mon people who were ethnically separate from the Tai who invaded them from China and the Khmer who also invaded them from Cambodia
  • the Khmer Empire was that of the Hindu believing Khmer of Cambodia who ethnically were Austroasians (as were the Mon)
  • the Lan Xang Kingdom was ruled by the Tai Lao who were Buddhist
  • The Sukhothai Kingdom was that of the Buddhist Tai Siamese, relatives of the other Tai tribes which originated in China and which formed the various Tai Kingdoms
  • The Tai Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya
  • The Tai Siamese Kingdom of Bangkok