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Northeast Thailand History Chronology Time Line.

This chronology highlights and puts into perspective historical events in North East Thailand

  • 4000 Ban Chiang settlements
  • 563 birth of Buddha
  • 2300-2000 arrival of rice farming
  • 1500-500 the bronze age of South East Asia
  • 500 900 years of Iron Age of South East Asia
  • 150-550 rise and fall of Funan Empire
  • 550-802 creation and fall of Chenla
  • 700-900 Mon style art period
  • 500-1300 Khmer style art period
  • 802-1431 Khmer Empire in Thailand
  • 1010-1050 Surjaviraman 1st constructs Preah Vihear
  • 1080-1107 construction of Phimai by Khmers (Jayavarman 6th)
  • 1113-1150 construction of Prasat Phnom Rung by Khmers
  • 1353 foundation of Tai Lao Kingdom of Lan Xang by King Fa Ngum which included Isan
  • 1431 Tai Siamese of Ayuthaya invade Cambodia and destroy the Khmer Empire and sack the city of Angkor
  • 1767 King Taksin (a survivor of Ayutthaya) conquers the principality of Phimai to annex it to Kingdom of Siam (the Bangkok Empire)
  • 1779 the region of Isan becomes a tributary of Siam
  • 1826 Khunying Mo and women of Nakhon Ratchisma defeat Loation invaders
  • 1827-28 Lao-Siamese war
  • 1879-1895 Pavie (French official) mission of the Mekong
  • 1893 Siam concedes west bank of Mekong to France (Laos)
  • 1893 Franco-Siamese Treaty of 3 October, gunboat incident at Paknam