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North Thailand History

Chiang Mai Statue The 3 Kings of The 3 Lan Na Kingdoms 13th C

The Kingdoms of North Thailand

  • There have been 7 Empires of significance and various Tai Kingdoms in North Thailand during the past 2000 years:
  1. the early Mon Empire of Haripunchai .
  2. the Khmer Empire of Angkor in the Lower North. Read more here...
  3. the Sukhothai Empire which originated in Lower North and which extended outwards.  Read more here...
  4. the various Tai Kingdoms of Yonok, Lan Na, Nan, Phayao and Lan Xang
  5. the Pegu Empire (Hamsavati) of occupation for 218 years in Lan Na.
  6. the Siamese Tai Empires of Ayutthaya, Read more here...  and
  7. the Siamese Tai Empire of Bangkok and their domination of the North until integration into the modern Nation.