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The Mon Dvaravati Kingdom

  • In the Chao Phya Valley in the 6th C the Funan Empire retreated and the indigenous remaining population were the Mon who were Theravada Buddhists. Free of subjugation of the Funanese the Mon created the Dvaravati Empire and school of art and architecture. This lasted 500 years between 6th-11th C until it became subjugated by the Khmer from Angkor.
  • The Empire has been identified to include the area bounded by Muang Fa Daed in the northeast, Ku Bua (near Ratchaburi) and Si Thep (near Phetchabun) and Haripunchai (Lampun) in the north. The principal cities were U Thong, Lop Buri and Nakhon Pathom.
  • A separate Mon Empire was created to its north, called Haripunchaii. There were numerous Mon Kingdoms, Si Thep was an early Kingdom and there were Mon kingdoms in what is today Myanmar (Burma) and these included the Kingdom of Pegu. These were taken over by the Burmans and then played a role in Thailand's history with the 218 year subjugation of Lan Na by the Kingdom of Pegu, the sacking of Ayuthaya and the 200 years war betweem the armies from Burma and the Siamese of the Central Chayo Phraya Valley.