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Kingdom of Ayutthaya and Burmese Wars

There were 24 Wars between Ayutthaya as capital of Siam and the Burmese:
  • 1539 when the Burmese invaded Muang Chiang Kran (a border skirmish)
  • 1548 when the Burmese invade via the 3 pagodas pass during an Ayutthaya dynastic fight
  • 1563 when Ayutthaya was besieged ans surrendered ,then to pay tribute
  • 1568 when the capital, Ayutthaya was taken by the King of Hongsawadi
  • 1584 when Narusuan proclaimed independence of Siam
  • 1584 when the Siamese fought the Governor of Bassein
  • 1585 when the Burmese sent the viceroy of Chiang Mai to fight the Siamese at Ban Saket
  • 1590 when the Burmese Maha Uparat came the first time
  • 1592 when Naruan fought the Maha Uparat on elephants in single combat
  • 1592 when the Siamese attached Tavoy & Tenasserin in Burma
  • 1594 when Narusuan took the Mon Provinces
  • 1595 when Narusuan attacked Hongsawadi the first time
  • 1599 when Narusuan attacked Hongsawadi the second time
  • 1604 Narusuan's last war when he died on route to invade the Shan states via Lan Na
  • 1613 Burmese take Tavoy & Tenasserim, but Siam recovers these
  • 1614 Burmese besiege and take Chiang Mai
  • 1662 Burmese attack and take Tavoy
  • 1662 Siamese (Narai) sends Kosa Lek to besiege and take Chiang Mai while Ava is attacked by Ho
  • 1663 Burmese attack through the 3 Pagodas pass to Sai Yok in Siamese Territory
  • 1664 Siamese (Narai) mounts a 3 army attack in Burma
  • 1759 Burmese invade and take Mon ports and besiege Ayuthaya
  • 1764 Burmese retake Mon ports, then maruad and attack the Southern Provinces of Siam
  • 1767 Burmese from Lan Na besiege, conquer and destroy Ayutthaya