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Tai Yuan People Beliefs In Spirits

A Guide to Lan Na’s Ghosts and Spirits

  • The spirit world of the Khon Muang is populated by a plethora of ghosts, ghouls and demons some good, some harmful, and some openly dangerous. Among the most interesting are:
  • Phi Peta - A hungry ghost. Everyone who is preoccupied with material attachments to the exclusion of the spiritual will be reborn as a peta, having a giant belly and a mouth as small as the eye of a needle. Peta may sometimes be heard whistling at night, looking for people to make merit for them. This ghost is relatively harmless.
  • Phi Am - A ghost which sits on the chest or liver of sleepers, causing discomfort. Can be harmful.
  • Phi Chamop - A ghost which haunts the place where a woman has died in the jungle. This spirit does not do any harm.
  • Phi Ha - The spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. This ghost is considered to be very violent.
  • Phi Krahang - This ghost appears as a man with feathers and a tail like a bird. It eats filth and glows at night. An unpleasant and frightening spirit,
  • Phi Krasi - This ghost lives inside a witch and leaves her body during sleep by way of the mouth. The krasi is the colour of fire, has a head the size of an electric light bulb and a half-metre long bluish tail. A krasi ghost likes dirt and does not generally harm human beings, although when it consumes entrails ( hardly surprisingly ) it can cause death. Krasi witches have a sleepy appearance during the day. Their eyes don't blink and they can never look anybody in the face. Also, they don't cast any reflection in the mirror. Before krasi witches can die, they have to find somebody who will inherit the krasi by consuming some of the old witch's spittle.
  • Phi Lok - A ghost which haunts various localities. It frightens and misleads people, and can be seen as well as felt.
  • Phi Phai - The spirit of a woman who has died in childbirth and whose body has been used to make phi thai hong lotion. A sorcerer must hold a candle under the corpse's chin, and from the resultant melted oil essences are manufactured which drive men mad and attract women.
  • Phi Tai Ha - The spirit of a woman who has died of malaria. The ghost will also spread this disease.
  • Phi Thuk Khun - The substance of a living person which has to be sent out on astral journeys every week, or harm will come to its owner,
  • Phi Khamot - A spirit in the shape of a red star which, like a Will o' the Wisp, misleads wanderers.
  • Phi Nang Tani - A female tree spirit which is essentially beneficent and may fill the alms bowls of itinerant monks.
  • Phi Pa - A forest spirit. Hunters may leave a piece of the foot, lip, tongue or eyelid of a killed animal to show respect to this spirit.
  • Phi Phuang Khang - A spirit in the shape of a black monkey which likes to suck the big toe of people sleeping in the jungle. It is said to live near salt licks.
  • Phi Ka - These spirits are inherited through women and can be contagious. The ka, if not properly treated (with raw eggs) will attack and possibly possess people without the owner's knowledge. Perhaps understandably, ordinary people are said to be reluctant to marry into ka clans.