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North Thailand People

Tai Lue Ladies in North Thailand

The Tai Lue In Thailand

  • The Tai Lue have one of the oldest recorded histories. The first Lue Kingdom was formed in Yunnan in 1180. Later in 1570 the then Kingdom was divided into 12 tax collection regions now known as Sip Song Panna. Of these 2 now comprise part of Laos and the other 10, part of today's China.
  • Tai Lue workers were brought to Thailand to help repopulate the region after the removal of the Burmese. Today they have a strong cultural presence in Nan Province.
  • Tai Lue beliefs like other Tai the Tai Lue believe in the 32 Khwans of the body.
  • They are animists and have additionally adopted Buddhism since its introduction to Sip Son Panna in the 14th C.
  • Each Tai Lue village has its Shaman.
  • The principal spirits are as with most Tai groups, the spirit of the district, the village etc. Spirit houses are respected.

The Tai Yong

  • There are about 240,000 to 320,000 Tai Yong people living in the Northern Provinces of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Lamphun. They migrated from Muang Yong in Myanmar and originally were Tai Lue.
  • The original migrants to Thailand were war captives following the Kingdom of Siam policy of resettling the north with captives from the Shan States of Burma (Myanmar), Laos and Sip Son Panna in China (the original home of the Tai tribes). In 1805 for example, 10,000 Tai Yong were captured from Muang Yong and resettled in Pasang, Lumphun. (Pasang is now famous for its beautiful ladies).

Tai Lue Temple Art