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North Thailand People

The Lawa People In North Thailand

  • The first chronicles mention the Lawa people living from the source of the Ping River to Tak Province in the Lower North.
  • In Chiang Mai Province they settled in Wiang Nopburi, Wiang Suan Dok and Wiang Chet Lin.
  • After the Lawa were defeated by the invading Mon led by Queen Chammathewi the Lawa were absorbed or retreated to villages in the mountains (some still remaining).
  • Their language had no script but was related to Mon.
  • The spiritual and ritual beliefs of the Lawa were adopted by the Mon and later again by the Tai Khon Muang. Today traces of Lawa settlements can be seen in Lamphun and Chiang Mai at Wiang Mano, Wiang Tha Kan and Wiang Tho.
  • The Mon ruled here for 500 years until being conquered by the Tai in1292. When they conquered the Tai adopted the Mon Buddhist religion, the Mon alphabet arts and culture, all of which was influenced by the Indianisation of South and Central Thailand hundreds of years before.
  • In the North the Mon Kingdom was called Haripunchai and further South was the other Mon Kingdom of Dvaravati