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King Ramkhamhaeng the Great

  • King Ramkhamhaeng was born in circa 1279 and died in 1298. King Ramkhamhaeng is the most famous of the Kings of the Sukhothai Kingdom in Thailand. It was during his reign that art flourished and the Kingdom of Sukhothai expanded its territorial influence in Southeast Asia. 
  • In the center of the Sukhothai Historical Park, and as pictured here, is a bronze replica of King Ramkhamhaeng seated on the Manangkhasila Asana Throne. 
  • One legacy King Ramkhamhaeng introduced to Thailand is the Thai alphabet. King Ramkhamhaeng adapted Khmer script which originally came from the Indian Devanagari script and in 1283 created the Thai alphabet as we know it today. He is famous for this and well remembered by modern Thai people.
  • During his reign the territorial acquisitions of the Sukhothai Kingdom included significant territory in Burma (Myanmar), Laos, northern Thailand and the Malay Peninsula. He also maintained contact with the Yuan Dynasty in China and good relations with the three northern Kingdoms of Lan Na, Phayo and Chiang Rai.