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Khmer Mythology The Naga

Khmer Mythology Beliefs, Astrology, Architecture & The Naga

  • Just as the Lion and the Constellation Leo signify the Sun and the day, the Naga represents the night, the Luna world. The importance of this is reflected in the Cambodian (Khmer) mythology of their creation and the tradition of Khmer Kings of being praised for unifying the solar and lunar races of kings and of associating a lineage with the sun or moon (which tradition came from India).
  • The Khmer origins myth is inscribed in ancient stones and tells the story how in the 7th C, the legendary hermit Kambu Svayambhuva 9 (an Indian) consorted with Mera, as the gift of Shiva guru of the three worlds, who wanted a perfect creation for his three eyes to glace upon and who thereby endowed with the pre-eminant glory of his lineage, obtained the alliance of the solar and lunar races .