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Thai Art And Architecture Culture In Central Thailand

  • Thai art and architecture culture of Central Thailand comprises the styles of two non Tai periods, the Mon-Dvaravati Period (6th to 10th centuries) and the Khmer Empire Period (7th to 13th centuries) then later the styles of the three Tai periods of, the Sukhothai Empire period (mid 13th to 15th centuries), the Ayutthaya to Rattanakosin  Empire period (1767 to now).
  • Empire period (14th to 18th centuries) and finally the Bangkok (or The Lop Buri art style (13th to 14th centuries) is included with the Khmer art style. The Suphan Buri (U Thong) (13th to 14th centuries) style is included here in the Ayutthaya Empire period style. It should be noted that art styles reflected periods other than the strict demarcations of political or military events and the dates of any Thailand Kingdom Empire may not be the same as the dates of that Empire art style.

Ayutthaya period black lacquer and gold Furniture.