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Thailand Marine National Parks

Whale Shark Thailand Marine Park

  • The National Marine Parks provide ecotourists with the opportunity to see several major ecosystems and the distinctive plant and animal species that inhabit each of them. Thailand's Marine Parks are located in three regions of Thailand. These are (1) The Andaman Sea region on the west coast of Southern Thailand, (2) the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand and (3) the coast of East Thailand.
  • These Marine Parks often include coastal land mass which also can be Mangrove eco-systems, Tropical Evergreen Forest, Savannah Grasslands or Wet Tropical Forest. This varies with the topography and Monsoons effect.
  • Below the water surface are the coral reefs. Coral reefs and their marine life vary between those in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. Reef species also vary depending upon the depth of the sea.
  • Above the sea surface the ecosystems to see are the Karst Limestone mountains and peak like outcroppings, Mangrove and Coastal vegetation ecosystems, the Tropical Mixed Deciduous Forests, the coastal marshes and swamps and the Tropical Evergreen Forests.
  • In detailing each Marine Park we describe where the major ecosystems are and link back for precise details on the systems and the relevant plant and animal species.

The Andaman Sea Coastline in Thailand
  • The Andaman Sea Coastline in Thailand is characterized by lime stone Karst country and deep seas. The other influence is the Monsoon which affects water visibility.

Thailand Marine National Parks In The Gulf of Thailand
  • Here on the East coast of the Gulf the Coastline is formed by the alluvial deposits from the Peninsula and the sea waters are shallow. Here also the Monsoons have the  alternative effect to the region of the Andaman Coast line.