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Sirinath National Park Phuket Province South Thailand

  • Sirinath Marine National Park Phuket Province includes the north west corner of Phuket Island and takes in Mai Khao Beach and Nai Yang Beach, the forested hilly region south of theses beaches and the out-lying Andaman Sea.
  • Sirinath Marine National Park is 22 square kilometers of which 8.5 square kilometers comprise land, and the balance is the Andaman Sea.

Lion Fish Off Coast of Sirinath Marine National Park

The Coral Reefs at Sirinath Marine National Park
  • In excess of 200 coral species can be found at Sirinath National Park. The coral reefs start off shore from Nai Yang Beach at the southern end of the Park.
  • The reef fringes out to sea initially with a gentle slope with coral that has been formed by the influences of the tides, reduced clean sea water  and the accumulation of sediment. Algae growth is common here as are the fish species that live on algae, such as parrot fish. Here also are sea urchins, sea cucumbers and mushroom corals.
  • This continues out to sea for approximately 1.5 kilometers to the reef crest where ocean waves oxygenate the sea water and flush sediment making for a better environment for live coral to grow.

Diving at Sirinath Marine National Park