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Hat Noppharat Thara Mu Ko Phi Phi Marine National Park in Krabi Province South Thailand

  • Hat Noppharat Thara Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park comprises 388 square kilometers of land and sea Park in Mueng District of Krabi Province in South Thailand on the west coast on the Andaman Sea. The land portion of this Park comprises 65 square kilometers.
  • This area is a major natural site and is close to Phuket Island and Ao Phangnga Bay. The Phi Phi National Marine Park lies between the Krabi Province coastline and the Island of Phuket in the Andaman Sea.
  • The highest elevation is Khao (Mount) Hang Nak at 498 meters above sea level.
  • The ecosystems include, Moist Tropical Rain Forest, Limestone Forest and  Mangrove Forest vegetation ecosystems and Coral Reef ecosystems.
  • The marine wild animals include, Common Malayan Dolphin, Black Finless Dolphin, White Dolphin, Rough- toothed Dolphin and Porpoise.
  • The Fish species in Hat Noppharat Thara Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park comprise, Shark, Morey Eel,Marlin, Ray, and Mullet.
  • The Bird species in Hat Noppharat Thara Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park comprise, Gull, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Kite, Frigate, etc

Phi Phi Island Beach, South Thailand

The major tourist attractions at Hat Noppharat Thara Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park are:
  • Boat trips to gain access to the numerous seascapes and coast lines
  • Hat Noppharat Thara Beach
  • Ao Nang Beach with its stunning cliffs and Tham Phra Nang Cave
  • Mu Ko Poda, a small archipelago of beaches and crystal clear water
  • Mu Ko Phi Phi, an archipelago of 6 islands (Ko Phi Phi Lee, Phi Phi Don, Bida Nok, Yung, Bida Nai and Mai Phai)
  • Ko Mai Pai, an island famous for its colorful coral reefs and sandy white beach.
  • Ko Yung and its coral reefs.
  • Fresh water shell fossil platform, one of 3 such sites in thw world, comprised of fossils 20 to 40 million years old.
  • The Cave Tham Phaya Nak (Viking cave) on Phi Phi Lee which is an enormous vaulted cave hollowed at its base by sea erosion and on the wall of which are ancient paintings of what appear to be Chinese junks
  • Phi Phi Lee for its towering, sheer limestone cliffs, some reaching 300 meters (over 980 feet), the pristine white sand beaches and the coral reefs of deep bays and beaches such as Ao Lo Sama, Ao Maya and Ao Pi Le
  • Ao ton Sai for its restaurants boating supplies and diving equipment supplies
  • Ko Phi Phi Don for its scenery