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Namtok Ngao National Park Ranong Province

  • Namtok Ngao National Park comprises 668 square kilometers of lust rugged mountain landscape in Ranong and Chumphon Provinces in South Thailand as indicetd on the map opposite.
  • The geography is a rugged mountain range lying north south which forms the natural boundary between Ranong and Chumphon Provinces. The highest elevation is 1,089 meters at Khao Nom Sao. Other major mountains include, Khao Daen and Khao Huai Siat.
  • The vegetation is tropical rain forest.
  • The Mammal wildlife includes, Langur, Wild Boar, Giant Black Squirrel, Panther, Binturong, Serow, Malayan Tapir, Bear, Munjak, Pig Tailed Macaque and Guar. There are also herds of wild Asian Elephant.

The major tourist attractions at Nmatok Ngao National Park are;
  • Khlong Phrao Waterfall
  • Ngao Waterfall
  • Bang Rin Waterfall
  • Chiao Khial Waterfall
  • Panda Crabs
  • Bua Phut, the World's largest flower