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Mu Ko Phayam National Park Rayong Province

  • Mu Ko Phayam National Park comprises 363 square kilometers in Mueang District of Ranong Province in South Thailand.
  • Mu Ko Phayam is located on the Andaman coastline north of Phangna.
  • The ecosystems are Mangrove Forest, Beach Forest, Grassland and Coral ecosystems.
  • The geography comprises the coastel land on the mainland, with Mangrove Forest, beaches and grassland. One of the three marine conservation areas is attached to the mailand. Offshore are two larger islands with some nine smaller islands. Surrounding each of these two larger islands are marine park conservation areas. The eastern portions of the islands of Ko Chak, Ko Yio, Ko Sai Dam and Ko Son are surrounded by Mangrove Forests.
  • The vegetation on Ko Chang, Ko Thalu, Ko Ta Khrut, Ko Mo, Ko Pring, Ko Rai and Ko Fai Mai is Tropical Rain Forest and each is surrounded by coral reefs and Coral ecosystems.