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Mu Ko Chumphon National Park Chumphon Province

  • Mu Ko Chumphon National Park comprises 317 square kilometers of conversvation land and sea on Pathio, Mueang, Sawi, Thung Tako and Lang Suan Districts of Chumphon Province South Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand. In older reference published information it is called Hat Sai Ri National Park.
  • The geography of Mu Ko Chumphon National Park includes landscape, marine areas, beaches, bays and an archipelago of 41 islands.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mangrove Forest, Beach Forest, Limestone Mountain Forest, Tropical Rain Forest. The Tropical Rain Forest is at Khao Phongphang, Khao Pracham, Hiang and Khao Bo Kha and on some islands.
  • The wildlife mammals include, Flying Fox, Dusky Langur, Crab eating Macaque, Dolphin, Whale and Squirrel.
  • The coral ecosystems include shallow water reefs at Ko Mattra, Ko Thong Lang, Ko Kula, Ko Lawa, Ko Rangka Chio and Lak. Deep water reefs can be found at Ko Ngam Tai, Ko Ngam Noi and Ko Thalu.

The main tourists attractions at Mu Ko Chumphon National Park are;
  • Ao Thung Makham Noi Bay
  • Ao Thung Makham Yai
  • Hat Sai Ri Sawi Beach
  • Hat Arunothal Beach
  • Ko Ngam Yai
  • Ko Ngam Noi
  • Ko Mattra for snorkeling
  • Ko Lawa for snorkeling
  • Ko Kula for snorkeling
  • Ko Thong Lang for its beach
  • Ko Thong Lang