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Khao Lampi Hat Thai Mueang National Park

  • Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Mueang National Park comprises two separate conservation areas separated by a road. Inland from the Andaman Sea is the tropical forest and mountain landscape of Khao (Mount) Lampi with its famous waterfall. The second conservation area is the long beach of Hat Thai Mueang. The Park is in Thai Mueang district of Phang Nga Province.
  • The total size of the two portions of the Park is 72 square kilometers. The Khao Lampi portion is 58 square kilometers and comprises a mountain range in a north south direction with the highest elevation being 622 meters above sea level at Khao Khanim. Other mountains in the Park include Khao Ton Yan Sai, Khao Lampi and Khao Lam Lang.
  • In the Khao Lampi portion the vegetation is tropical rain forest.
  • The sea side portion of the Park, Hat Tai Mueang is 14 square kilometers and has a long beach 13.6 kilometers long. In this conservation portion the vegetation is Mangrove Forest, Peat Swamp Forest, Fresh Water Swamp and Beach Forest.
  • The wild animals in the Park include, Asiatic Black Bear, Palm Civet, Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Dusky Langur and Common Munjak.

The major tourist attractions at Khao Lampi Hat Thai are;
  • Ton Phra Waterfall
  • Ton Bang Po Waterfall
  • Hat Thai Mueang Beach
  • Thung Samet Sandy Field
  • Lampi Waterfall