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National Parks In South Thailand

  • There are 40 National Parks or Marine National Parks in South Thailand. These include Tarutao Marine National Park, Ao Phang Nga National Park, Phi Phi Marine National Park, Surin
  • The National Marine Parks and other places of natural beauty near Phuket include, Ao Phangnga, Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Sirinath Marine National Park, Khao Sok National Park, Mu Ko Surin Marine National Park and further south towards the Malaysian border, Tarutao Marine National Park.
  • We detail each National Park alphabetically in the right column and each by reference to their location and Province in the left column.
  • The South Thailand National Parks are famous for marine life and coral ecosystems, tropical rainforests and mangrove ecosystems.
  • Anyone visiting Phuket should not neglect day trips to Ao Phangngna and Phi Phi, the same as visitors to the resort Island of Ko Samui should not neglect day trips off that Island to nearby  Ang Thang Marine National Park.

Thailand Marine Park

Thailand receives two monsoons each year.

The Northeast Monsoon 
  • The Northeast Monsoon comes from the Western Pacific Ocean and brings heavy rain from November to April through out. Accordingly the Gulf of Thailand then receives heavy rain and winds. During this period the sea in the Gulf of Thailand has strong currents and poor under water visibility.
  • This is not a good time to go scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand. However during this same period on the other side of the Peninsula on the Andaman Coast the water is clear and not turbulant. Then visibility is 30 meters and the sea calm.
  • The Andaman Sea does not suffer any monsoon wind or rain during this period.
The Southwest Monsoon
  • The Southwest Monsoon is the reverse of the Northeast Monsoon and comes to Thailand from the Indian Ocean from May to October and impacts the Andaman Coast. Then the sea waters of the Andaman Coast are disturbed whilst those of the Gulf of Thailand on the other side of the Peninsula are calm and clear for diving and boating.

Whale Shark South Thailand National Park