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Hat Chao Mai National Park Trang Province

  • Hat Chao Mai National Park comprises 231 square kilomters in Sikao and Kantang Districts of Trang Province in south Thailand.
  • The geography of Hat Chao Mai National Park is comprised of the mainland and sea shore plus the sea and Islands of Ko Meng, Ko Chao Mai, Ko Ping, Ko Chueak, Ko Waen, Ko Kradan and Ko Muk.
  • The vegetation ecosystems on land are Tropical Rain Forest, Lime stone Forest, Beach Forest and Mangrove Forest.
  • The marine ecosystem is Coral reef and is included in 137 square kilometers of sea. The coral reefs are around Ko Chueak, Ko Kradan, Ko Waen and Ko Muk. The sea area has some 8 kinds of sea grass which provides a home to Dugong which are prevalent here.