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Tat Ton National Park

  • Tat Ton National Park comprises 217 square kilometers in Mueang of Chiayaphum Province.
  • Tat Ton is part of the Phu Laenkha Mounatin Range and includes a plateau. The Mountains in Tat Ton National Park include, Khao Phu Khiao, Phu Laenkha and Phu Klang.
  • The vegetation ecosystem is Deciduous Dipterocarp on the Mountain Range, and Dry Evergreen Forest along the streams and summits with water.

Tourist Attractions at Tat Ton National Park
  • Tat Ton Viewpoints, scenery, caves, cliffs and landscape of mountain topography.
  • Tat Fa Waterfall
  • Tat Ton Waterfall
  • Pha Song Chan Waterfall
  • Pha Lang Waterfall
  • Chao Pho Tat Ton Shrine
  • Pha Koeng Cliff