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Sai Thong National Park

  • Sai Thong National Park is 70 kilometers west of Chaiyaphum City and comprises 319 square kilometers in Nong Bua Daeng, Nong Bua Rawe, Thepsathit and Phakdi Chumphon of Chiayaphum Province.
  • The vegetation ecosystem is Deciduous Dipterocarp in the south area of the National Park and Dry Evergreen Forest along the streams and summits with water. On the steep slopes of the north and west portions of the Park are Deciduous Dipterocarp and Mixed Deciduous Forests and Bamboos.

Tourist Attractions at Si Thong National Park
  • Si Thong Viewpoints, scenery, caves, cliffs and landscape of mountain topography.
  • Chuan Chom Waterfall
  • Khlong Sai Waterfall
  • Sai Thong Waterfall
  • Bua Sawan Field
  • Khao Phang Hoei Viewpoint
  • Khao Lang San Viewpoint