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Phu Suan Sai National Park

  • Phu Suan Sai National Park comprises 117 square kilometers and covers mountain terrain in Na Haeo of Loei Province. The highest elevation is 1,350 meters at Phu Khum Khao .
  • The geography of Phu Suan Sai National Park is rugged mountains with a plateau sloping from 2 to 50 degrees at elevations between 600 to 1,408 meters above sea level. The west side is the steepest and it is covered with forest.
  • The vegetation ecosystems is Tropical Rain Forest.
  • The forest is also home to animal species including, Tiger, Sambar Deer, Asian Black Bear, Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, Giant Squirrel, Gibbomn, Malayan Flying Lemur, Serow and Common Muntjack.

Tourist Attractions at Phu Suan Sai National Park
  • Phu Suan Sai Viewpoints, scenery and natural landscape and views particularly at Hill 1408 and Hill 1205 of The mountain ranges to the north, Phu Soi Dao and Phu Wiang Lao and the scenery of Ban Haui Nam Phak..
  • Hin Kuai Lo sandstone mushroom
  • Hin Si Thit four directional stones
Waterfalls ;
  1. Khing Waterfall
  2. Chang Tok Waterfall
  3. Wang Tat Waterfall
  4. Tat Pha Waterfall

Loei Province Waterfalls

  • Waterfalls are the most popular destination of tourists. In Isan the number of waterfalls is huge. Hence, the list of the spectacular ones is long. Owing to its largely mountainous terrain, Loei Province is particularly rich in waterfalls, called nam tok in Thai, in amazing natural settings. They include Wang Kwang, Phen Phop Mai, Phon Phop, Phen Phop, Tham Yai, Than Sawan, Tham So Nuea, Tham So Tai and Sa Anodat in the Phu Kradueng National Park, Huai Phai in the Phu Ruea National Park, Suan Hom and Phlang Din in the Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park, Suan Hom, also known as Santi Thara, and Phiang Din, also known as Wisut Thara, in Nong Hin District, Pla Ba, also known as Tat San, in Phu Ruea District; Kaeng Song Khon in Dan Sai District and Than Sawan, Khring as well as Tat Hueang in Na Haeo District.