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Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park

  • Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park is a National Park of 231 square kilometers south of Murkdahan City on the Mekong River boundary with Laos in Kham Soi and Don Tan, Murkdahan Province and Loeng Nok Tha of Yasothon Province and Chanuman of Amnat Charoen in Northeast Thailand.
  • Phu Sa Dok National Park comprises rugged limestone mountains ranging in a north south direction.
  • The highest elevation of the Park is 481 meters above sea level at Phu Kra Sa.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Dry Evergreen Forest Forest and Mixed Deciduous Forest.
  • The animal species here include, Malayan Flying Lemur, Mouse Deer, Civet, Palm Civet, Common Munjak and Wild Boar.

Tourist Attractions at Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park
  • Phu Sa Dok Bua Viewpoints, scenery and landscape of mountain topography.
  • Phu Sa Dok Bua Mountain for views
  • Rock Terraces at Phu Wat, Phu Hua Nak, Phu Kabok and Phu Pha Hom
  • Phu Pha Taem Cave
  • Phu Ma Kluea Rock Terrace
  • Phu Pha Hom views at 386 meters