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Phu Laenkha National Park

  • Phu Laenkha National Park is northwest from Chaiyaphum City and comprises 148 square kilometers in Ban Khwao, Kaut Sombun and Nong Bua Daeng of Chiayaphum Province.
  • Phu Laenkha National Park is rugged mountains and plateau with an elevation between 200 to 725 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Phu Laenkha Mountain at 725 meters.
  • The vegetation ecosystem is Deciduous Dipterocarp, Mixed Deciduous Forest,Grassland and Dry Evergreen Forest.
  • The wildlife animals include, Macaque, Palm Civet, Wild Boar, Siamese Hare and Flying Squirrel.

Tourist Attractions at Phu Laenkha National Park
  • Phu Laenkha Viewpoints, scenery, caves, cliffs and landscape of mountain topography.
  • Hin Ngam Chan Daeng Forest
  • Hin Rong Kla View point
  • Pa Hin Prasat Viewpoint
  • Orchid Cliff