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Na Yung Nam Som National Park Udon Thani

  • Na Yung Nam Som National Park is in the Na Yung sub district of the Phu Phan Mountain Range and on the mountain ridge of Na Yung in Udon Thani Province. It protrudes into the course of the Mekong River where Northeast Thailand is immediately south of Laos. It is close to Phu Phra Bat to its south east.
  • Na Yung Nam Som National Park comprises 344 square kilometers and for most of it is rugged limestone mountains in a watershed region.
  • The elevation of the Park is between 200 to 588 meters above sea level. The highest Mountain is Phu Ya U at 588 meters.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Dry Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest on the hills, Mixed Deciduous Forest down the lower portion of the hills and Dry Evergreen Forest along water streams and rivers.

Tourist Attractions at Na Yung Nam Som National Park
  • Na Yung Nam Som Viewpoints, scenery and landscape of mountain topography, caves and waterfalls.
  • Pha Daeng Viewpoint
  • Namtok Yung Thong Nature Trail
  • Namtok Than Thip Waterfall
  • Namtok Yung Thong Waterfall