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Kaeng Tana National Park Ubon Ratchathani

  • Kaeng Tana National Park is north east of Ubon Ratchathani City and lies along the Mekong River boundary with Laos. It is immediately south of Pha Taem National Park and both can be visited on the same trip. It is located 90 kilometers from Ubon Ratchathani City.
  • Kaeng Tana National Park comprises 80 square kilometers and covers flat plains and small hills along the Mekong River and the Mae (River) Nam Mun in Khong Chiam of Ubon Ratchatani Province. The average elevation is 200 meters and the highest elevation is 543 meters above sea level at Khao (Mount) Banthat.
  • The geography of Kaeng Tana  National Park is undulating plains divided by the Mun River. It is famous for the rapids in the Mekong River.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest on the plains and Tropical Evergreen Forest along the rivers and creeks with water and on the peak of Don Tana Hill and Grasslands elswhere.
  • Kaeng Tana is home to large mammal animal species including, Common Wild Bear, Macaque, Civet, Gibbon, Palm Civet and Common Muntjack.

Kaeng Tana National Park Mekong River

Tourist Attractions at Kaeng Tana National Park
  • Kaeng Tana Viewpoints, scenery and rapids landscape on the Mun River for 1 kilometer long and 300 meters wide.
  • Don Tana Hill Viewpoint
  • Huai Mak Swamp
Waterfalls ;
  1. Tat Ton Waterfall
  2. Huai  Kwang Waterfall