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National Parks in Tak Province North Thailand

  • The Thailand Government defines North Thailand as consisting of both (1) the 84,000 square kilometre comprising 8 provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Nan, Lampang, Lamphun, Phrae and Mae Hong Son, which area originally comprised the Lan Na principalities detailed in the North Thailand History link (the Upper North), and (2) the 86,000 square kilometres of the Lower North, comprising the provinces of Kamphaeng Phet, Tak, Sukhothai, Uttaradit, Uthai Thani, Nakhon Sawan, Phichit Phitsanulok and Phetchabun, which area originally comprised the Kingdoms of Sukhothai and later the northern parts of the Kingdom of  Ayutthaya, Thon Buri and Bangkok Empires.
  • The discernable differences between the Upper and Lower North Thailand is explained in the Northern Thailand section.
  • Tak is both the name of Tak Province and its capital city, Tak City. Sukhothai City is the principal point of arrival for tourists to the region. Sukhothai Province joins it to the east.
  • The biogeographical region of Tak Province consists of a mountainous region with river valleys and plains. Accordingly many central Asian species of animals and plants reach their southern distributions in these areas. By biogeography we refer to the distribution of animals and plants and particular geography.
  • The major ecosystems in Tak Province are Hill Evergreen Forest, Mixed Deciduous Forest and Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest.
  • There are 5 National Parks in Tak Province.