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Salawin National Park Mae Hong Son Province

  • Salawin National Park comprises 721 square kilometers and includes scenic rock formations, rugged mountain range, rock mountains the Salawin River and waterfalls.
  • Salawin National Park is in South Mae Hong Son Province. It is 165 kilometers south of Mae Hong Son Town. The Park is named after the Salawin River (Salween in Burmese) hich originates in Tibet, China and which provides the natural border between Myanmar and Thailand.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest in the low land by streams and Coniferous Forest covering the steeper ridges.
  • The animal species to be seen here include, Gibbons, Chipmunks, Palm Civets, Tiger, Gibbon, Langur, Squirrel, Wild Boar and Common Muntjack.