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Phu Soi Dao National Park Uttaradit

  • Phu Soi Dao National Park comprises 200 square kilometers and covers mountain terrain in Ban Kok, Huai Mun and Nam Pat in Uttaradit Province. It runs beside the Thailand Laos border.
  • The geography of the park is mountains running north to south with an elevation ranging between 500 to 2,102 meters.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest, Pine Forest and Hill Evergreen Forest.

Tourist Attractions at Phu Soi Dao National Park
  • Phu Soi Dao Viewpoints, scenery and natural landscape, waterfalls and Sirikit Dam.
  • The Pine Forest on Mount (Phu) Soi Dao
  • Phu Soi Dao Waterfall (5 level falls)
  • Sai Thip Waterfall (seven level falls)
  • The rock terrain at Lam Nam Phak.