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Pha Daeng National Park Chiang Mai Province

  • Pha Daeng National Park comprises 1,155 square kilometers and covers mountain terrain between Chaing Dao Wildlife Sanctuarey and Pha Hom Pok National Park in Chiang Mai Province.
  • The geography of the park is rugged mountains with limestone mountains such as Doi Hua Tho, Doi Khun Huai Sai, Doi Tham Klap and Doi Dan Fak. The mountains range highest elevation is 1,794 meters at Doi Puk Phak Ka.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest and Evergreen Forest in the wetter areas.

Tourist Attractions at Pha Daeng National Park
  • Pong Ang Daeng Hot Well at the entrance of Pong Ang Village on the Muang Rai Ban Na Wai road.
  • Pha Daeng Viewpoints, scenery and natural landscape.
  1. On top of Doi Thui for views of Myanmar and Thailand landscape.
  2. Overlooking Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary and Pha Daeng National Park at 45 kilometers on the Mae Cha Piang Luang route.
  3. Doi Pha Daeng a rock mountain offering spectacular views
  1. Klap Cave, a 10 meter wide cave with spectacular stalacites and stalagmites. It is also a home to bats.
  2. Tap Pha Cave a smaller but accessible cave at Ban Tap Tao
  1. Pang Tong Waterfall (18 meters high),
  2. Si Sang Wan Waterfall (10 to 15 meters high and 10 to 12 meters wide with three levels of water flow).