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Mae Wang National Park Chiang Mai Province

  • Mae Wang National Park comprises 700 square kilometers and covers mountain terrain in Mae Cham, Mae Wang and Pa Chomthong in Chiang Mai Province. It is to the west of the Chiang Mai City to Chom Thong Town road southe west of Chiang Mai City.
  • The geography of the park is rugged mountains running north to south with the highest elevation being 1,909 meters. The mountains range between 400 to 1,909 meters above sea level.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest, Evergreen Forest and Pine Hill Forest.

Tourist Attractions at Mae Wang National Park
  • Pha Daeng Viewpoint, scenery and natural landscape at 1,909 meters.
  • Nam Pu Yen and Buag Dong Cave.
  • Mae Ngat Reservoir which is ideal for recreation and scenery.
  • Waterfalls
  • Mae Phui Waterfall (10 meters wide and 25 meters high).
  • Mae Wang Waterfall (20 meters high and 10 meters wide)
  • Maeng Ang Waterfall (four levels of water fall, 50 metrs high and 30 meters wide)
  • Pha Moen Waterfall (three level flows 30 meters high and 25 meters wide)
  • Pha Duk Waterfall (10 meters wide and 30 meters high)