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Mae Wa National Park Lampang Province North Thailand

  • Mae Wa National Park comprises 587 square kilometers and covers mountain terrain in Thoen and Phrik in Lampang Province and Ban Tak and Sam Ngao in Tak Province. It is located 75 kilometers from Lampang Town.
  • The geography of the park is rugged limestone mountains with steep slopes. The central and southern   portions have flat plains on the top and the elevation is 300 to 400 meters.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest Evergreen Forest and Pine Forest..
  • The animals species to be seen here include, Tiger, Guar, Mouse Deer, Asiatic Black Bear,  Squirrels, Wild Boar, Southern Serow, and Common Muntjack.

Tourist Attractions at Mae Wa National Park
  • Chae Son Viewpoints, scenery and natural landscape at Doi Khun Huai Pong, Doi Ta Chi and Doi Kio Khot.
  • Tham Phra Chedi and Tham Nampha Pha Ngam Cave
  • Mae Wa Waterfall (a twelve level fall)