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Mae Ping National Park Lamphun North Thailand

  • Mae Ping National Park comprises 1,004 square kilometers and covers mountain terrain in Doi Tao, Chiang Mai Province, Li in Lamphun Province and Sam Ngao in Tak Province.
  • The geography of the park is rugged mountains with the highest elevation being 1,334 meters at Mount (Doi) Huai Lao and an average elevation of 900 meters.
  • The Park is on the east side of Mae Ping River which is the water source for the Bhumiphol Dam further south. The water boundaries of the Park start at Doi Tao in Chiang Mai Province and run over 100 kilometers to the Bhumiphol Dam in Tak Province.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest and some Pine Forest.
  • The animal species to be seen here include, Indian Civet, Guar, Deer, Asian Black Bear, Wild Bore, Macaque, Gibbons, Siamese Hare, Serow, Fishing Cat and Common Muntjack. Mae Ping National Park is home to over 70 species of birds, deer, monkeys, wild pigs, the Malay Pangolin, Slow Loris, bats and snakes.
  • The Park is on the alluvial flood plain of the Ping River and is home to the finest preserved stands of original teak forest and tall deciduous dipteocarp forest. Both of which attract and are home to all collections of native species of birds and other wildlife. 

Tourist Attractions at Mae Ping National Park
  • Huai Tham Viewpoints, scenery and natural landscape by Mae Ping River of the picturesque Doi Tao Reservoir
  • Yang Wi Cave Here is a large limestone cave with stalagmites and stalactites and the usual cave community of bats. Outside the cave is a pine forest.
  • Kaeng Ko. This is the scenic reservoir. Boating is available for site seeing the Tao Cliff and Um Pat and Um Pae Waterfalls.
  • Pha Dam- Pha Daeng. This is a cliff reaching up from unspoilt water and forest areas.
  • Ko Luang Waterfall (a seven level fall)
  • Boating on Kaeng Ko Reservoir