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Lan Sang National Park Tak

  • Lan Sang National Park covers 104 square kilometers of rugged mountains in the Khao Luang Range in Mueang District of Tak Province.
  • The Park was formed by joining the famous Lan Sang Waterfall area with 14 other forest areas.
  • Lan Sang National Park is located to the west of Tak City
  • The geography of the park is rugged mountains with Khao Um Yom having the highest elevation at 1,065 meters above sea level.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are, Evergreen Forest on the rugged mountain areas Pine forest above 700 meters and Tropical Evergreen Forest, Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest and Mixed Deciduous Forest in other areas.
  • The mammal wildlife includes, Asian Wils Cat, Gibbon, Porcupine, Rats, Common Munjak, Sambar Deer, Siamese Hare, Palm Civet and Serow.

The main tourist Aattractions at Lan Sang National Park are;
  • Lam Sang scenery and natural landscape.
  • Waterfalls;
  1. Pha Lat Waterfall. This is where the Huai Lan Sang Stream overflows a large sloppong rock terrace 25 meters wide and 40 meters long.
  2. Pha Noi Waterfall.  This is where a tributary of Lan Sang Stream runs from a 10 meters cliff.
  3. Pha The Waterfall. This is where the waterfall drops 25 meters from a cliff.
  4. Pha Phueng Waterfall. Here the Huai Pha Phueng Stream falls 15 meters from a cliff.
  5. Lan Sang Waterfall. This is a famous waterfall where the upstream from Lan Liang Ma Waterfall (2 kilometers) the water falls 40 meters from a cliff down 3 steps into a pool below
  6. Lan Liang Waterfall. This waterfall is 200 meters upstream from Pha Lat Waterfall (above).