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Khun Phra Wo National Park Tak

  • Khun Phra Wo National Park comprises 220 square kilometers of what were previously forests at Mae Sot and Mae Ramat Districts in Tak Province not far from the Myanmar border with Thailand.
  • The vegetation ecosystems are Mixed Deciduous Forest, Evergreen Forest and Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest.
  • The geography is rugged mountains with elevations ranging between 350 to 905 meters above sea level.

The main tourist attractions at Khun Phra Wo National Park are;
  • The mountain views and the forests
  • Khun Khao Phra WoAncient Site
  • Tham Nang Manora
  • Hub Pha Phra Wo
  • Huai Mae Lamao Stream
  • Pa Mak Waterfall
  • Pha Prong Viewpoint
  • Phak Phai Waterfall
  • Tham Pha Phueng Cave