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Tropical Evergreen Forests in Thailand

  • In Tropical Evergreen Forests the trees have leaves all year. In the Marine Parks they occur from sea level to 1,000 meters. They grow in areas with an annual rain fall of 2 meters. Thus they are limited to Peninsula Thailand.
  • The principal variteies of trees here are those of the Dipterocarpaceae family. These trees grow to over 55 mters in height and have canopy of 25 to 35 meters wide. Little light filters through and below the bamboos, palms and small tress survivre in shaded light.
  • These forests have significant variation in vegetation depending upon the height, the soil types, whether the ground is flooded or closer to swamps and rivers and also as between the elevation of the forest.
  • Above the ground epiphytes and vines are common.

  • The tropical evergreen forest is found in all areas of Thailand. However, they are found in more abundance in the south and the east especially in Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trad. This is due to the heavy rainfall and high moisture levels.
  • In other areas the tropical evergreen forests are concentrated in pockets of high moisture such as valleys and close to water sources such as rivers, streams and mountains.
  • A common characteristic of tropical evergreen forest is the appearance of a lush green vegetation all year round. The forest is home to hundreds of species of flora that grow in close proximity, all of which do not lose their leaves. The north and northeast is drier than other areas thus the forest has slightly different vegetation. The tropical evergreen forest is home to many economically important trees such as rubber and other hardwoods. In addition to large trees smaller plants such as bamboo, rakam and wicker also grow in this type of forest.