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Thailand National Parks Closed In The Rainy Season


  • Conditions during tropical monsoon rains can make travel within national parks difficult and hazardous. Weather conditions can change very quickly. Fog and low clouds tend to hang low over the landscape. Cliffs may collapse under their own weight when the soil underlying the sandstone cap is eroded by heavy rain. Heavy rains can also cause landslides and flash floods in the streams which flow down the mountain slope.
  • For safety reasons, specific areas within the national parks on the following list issued by the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department will be closed from the date specified until the end of the southwest monsoon season. This also provides a much-needed break from tourism activity and allows the natural environment, flora and fauna to revive and regenerate.


Marine National Parks

  • All areas within the Mu Ko Similan and Mu Ko Surin marine national parks will be closed to tourist traffic from 16 May through to 15 November. Mu Ko Rok Nok-Nai and Hin Muang-Hin Deang Rock in Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park and the islands of Mu Ko Adang-Rawi in Tarutao Marine National Park will also be closed during the same period.


National Park Period Park Is Closed
(every year)
Specific Areas Within The Park
Closed to Tourist Traffic
Khun Chae 1 Jul - 30 Sep Doi Langka and Doi Mod
Khun Sthan 1 Jul - 30 Sep La-ong Cave and Pha Daeng Waterfall
Khun Nan 1 Jul - 30 Sep Wha River
Khlong Tron 1 Sep - 31 Oct Khlong Tron Waterfall
Pha Daeng 1 Jul - 30 Sep Doi Khom Fa, Huai Hok Waterfall and Pa Tong Waterfall
Doi Phu Kha 1 May - 30 Sep Pha Kong Cave, Pha Daeng Cave, Susan Hoi, Yot Doi Phu Wae and Wang Peang Waterfall
Doi Wiang Pha 1 Jul - 31 Oct Yot Doi Wiang Pha Nature Trail
Doi Luang 1 Sep - 31 Oct Wang Kaew Waterfall, Phu Kang Waterfall and Jumpha Thong Waterfall
Doi Phahompok 1 Jul - 30 Sep Yot Doi Phahompok
Mae Wong 1 Jul - 30 Sep Khao Mokoju, Mae Kra Sa Waterfall and Mae Rewa Waterfall
Mae Yom 1 May - 31 Oct Kaeng Sua Teng
Wiang Kosai 1 Jul - 31 Oct Mae Koeng Luang Waterfall
Si Lanna 1 Jul - 30 Sep Mon Hin Lai Waterfall
Huai Nam Dang 1 Jul - 30 Sep Campground 1-5 at Headquarters area, Nam Mae Taeng Rafting Trail, Doi Chang Nature Trail and Silver Orchids Nature Trail
Ob Khan 1 May - 31 Aug Campground
Kaeng Krachan 1 Aug - 31 Oct Ban Krang Camp and Panoen Thung
Khao Sip Ha Chan 1 Jun - 31 Aug Madueku Campground, Khao Loi Viewpoint and E-kak Waterfall
Khao Laem Ya -
Mu Ko Samet
1 May - 31 Aug Ko Kudee Campground
Khuean Srinagarindra 1 May - 31 Oct Pha Sawan Waterfall
Khao Yai 1 Jul - 30 Sep Khao Samor Phun
Phu Kradueng 1 Jun - 30 Sep Phu Kradueng Peak
Pha Taem 1 Jul - 30 Sep Pha Dong Na Time
Khao Sok 1 May - 31 Oct Rafflesia Kerrii Meijer Nature Trail (Km.111)
  1 Jun - 14 Dec Sip Et Chan Waterfall, Bang Lab Nam Waterfall, Tang Nam, Ton Kloi Waterfall, Tharn Sawan Waterfall, Nam Ta-lu Cave, Si Ru Cave and Khang Cow Cave
Khao Pu-Khao Ya 9 Nov - 15 Dec Reang Thong Waterfall, Nan Pliew Waterfall, Nan Sawan Waterfall and Thara Warin Waterfall
Tai Rom Yen 15 Aug - 15 Dec Dard Fa Waterfall, Mueang Thuat Waterfall, Sam Ha Chet Waterfall, Phet Phanom Wat Waterfall and Khao Nong - San Yen Trekking Trail
Khlong Phanom 1 May - 31 Oct Rafflesia Kerrii Meijer Nature Trail
  1 Oct - 31 Dec Cheang Loun Bambo Nature Trail, Khao Wong Cave, Khao Wong Waterfall, Ton Yai Waterfall, Ton Sai Waterfall and Khlong Panom - Ban Bencha Nature trail
Kaeng Krung 1 Oct - 31 Dec Klong Yan Nature Trail and Bang Cham - Headquarters Nature Trail
Than Sadet -
Ko Pha-ngan
1 Oct - 23 Dec Than Sadet Waterfall
Khao Phanom Bencha 1 Jul - 30 Sep Yot Khao Phanom Bencha
Khao Luang 1 Jul - 30 Sep Yot Khao Luang
Tarutao 16 May - 15 Nov Mu Ko Adang-Rawi
Than Bok Khorani 1 Jul - 30 Sep Mu Ko Hong
Namtok Yong 1 Jul - 30 Nov Yot Khao Mhen Nature Trail
Mu Ko Phayam 1 Jul - 30 Sep Kai Tao Bay, Ko Chang
Mu Ko Phetra 1 May - 31 Oct Ko Lidi
Mu Ko Lanta 16 May - 15 Nov Mu Ko Rok Nok-Nai and Hin Moung-Hin Deang Rock
  1 Jul - 30 Nov Ko Ha
Mu Ko Similan 16 May - 15 Nov Whole park
Mu Ko Surin 16 May - 15 Nov Whole park
Mu Ko Ang Thong 1 Nov - 23 Dec Whole park
Hat Chao Mai 1 Jul - 30 Sep Morrakol Cave, Ko Kradan, Ko Chueak and Ko Wan
Laem Son 16 May - 15 Nov Mu Ko Kum
Hat Khanom -
Mu Ko Thale Tai
20 Nov - 31 Dec Tha Noi Waterfall, Hin Lad Waterfall, Nhan Phai Waterfall, Khlang Thong Waterfall and Islands in the National Park Area