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Namtok Khlong Kaeo National Park Trat

  • Namtok Khlong Kaeo National Park comprises 200 square kilometers in Khao Saming and Bor Rai of Trat Province. The area was previously three Forests, Khao Cha Om Forest, Khao Khlong Puk Forest and Khao Mapring Forest.
  • Namtok Khlong Kaeo National Park is mountainous hills with an elevation between 100 to 836 meters above sea level. The highest mountain is Khao Ta Bat at 836 meters. The Park is a water shed catchment.
  • Namtok Philo comprises lush jungle mountains with valleys, cliffs and waterfalls.
  • The vegetation ecosystem is Moist Evergreen Forest.
  • The wild animals include, Tiger, Southern Serow, Wild Boar, Bear, Squirrel, Common Munjak, Mouse Deer, Gibbon, Squirrel, Pangolin and Palm Cive