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Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park Thailand

  • Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park is a large archipeligo of more than 47 Islands with a total of 650 square kilomters of which 458 squre kilometers is sea water. Ko Chang (Chang Island) is the largest Island in the archipeligo which is situated close to the Cambodian border in the Gulf of Thailand. The main Islands are, Ko Chang Noi, Ko Chang, Ko Wai, Ko Laoya, Ko Khlum, Ko Mai Chi and Ko Rang.
  • Ko Chang is also a high mountain range with an elevation of 743 meters above sea level.
  • Part of Chang Island on the western coast is omitted from the Marine Park and has been developed for tourists. Approximately 70% of Ko Chang is covered with dense evergreen forest with an annual rainfall in excess of 115 inches.
  • The native fauna includes over 70 species of birds, and over 40 species of animals including turtles, pythons, cobras, wild pigs, macaques, civets and deer.
  • The coral reefs are clear for visibility for scuba divers and snorkelling. The better areas for this being around the smaller islands (Ko Rang, Ko Lao Klang, Ko Wai and Ko Lao Ya) and the eastern shore of Ko Chang. Scuba divers should also explore the sunken warships of the 1941 battle with France over the attempted confiscation of the area by France (then a colonial power over Cambodia).

Ko Chang Thailand

Tourist Attractions at Mu Ko Chang National Park
  • Mu Ko Chang Viewpoints, scenery, scuba diving, waterfalls, island landscape and mountain topography.
  • Klong Phlu Waterfall
  • Than Mayon Waterfall
  • Kal Bae Beach
  • Khlong Nonsi Waterfall
  • Sai Daeng Beach
  • Ko Laoya Bay
  • Ko Wai Island
  • Mu Ko Rang Archipelago
  • Ko Mak Island
  • Ko Yuak
  • Ko Man Nai
  • Ko Man Nok
  • Ko Phrao