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Khao Chamao Khao Wong National Park

  • Khao Chamao Khao Wong National Park is 84 square kilometers and is situated midway between Rayong and Chantaburi capitals southeast from Bangkok. It is in Klaeng of Rayong Province and Kaeng Hang Maeo of Chanthaburi Province.
  • The name ''Khao Chamao'' means drunken mountain. The reason for this that the Soro Brook Carp in the pools eat a toxic fruit called ''look gabow''. Whilst they obsorb these toxins they remain in their bodies so any one eating the carp becomes disorientated and inebriated. The Soro Brook Carp is native to the Mekong River basin in Thailand.
  • The climate has heavy rains of over 3,000 mm (118 inches) each year. Ninety percent of this falls between the mounths of May to October inclusive.
  • The Park is located in the Khao Chamao Mountain range. The elevation reaches 1,024 meters at Khao Chamao. ''Khao'', Doi'' and ''Phu'' are all words meaning ''mountain'' but vary between regions of Thailand depending upon the regional language.
  • As a consequence of the high rainfall the vegetation is Tropical Rain Forest.
  • In Khao Wong are over 80 caves of which some 18 can be visited by tourists. Caving in the rainy season is very dangerous in Thailand because of flash flooding so following any warnings and having a guide is important.
  • The wild animals here include, Guar, Asian Elephant, Bear, Southern Serow, Munjak, Sambar Deer and Wild Boar.