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Chiang Mai Temples East of Moat

Major Places Of Interest In Chiang Mai East Of The Walled City Include:
  • The Ping River
  • Wat Mahawan
  • Wat Chai Sri Phum
  • Wat Saen Fang
  • Wat Buppharam

Wat Mahawan
  • The buildings of this temple are a mix of Lan Na and Burmese style. The viharn and bot on the east are Lan Na style, while the chedi, ho trai and unusual square viharn on the west are distinctly Burmese. The Lan Na viharn was built in 1865 and renovated in 1957 with bright modern wall paintings. The Burmese chedi has very detailed stucco relief work and is surrounded by chinthe (mythical lion guardians). The very elaborately roofed teak ho trai (scripture library) is now a kuti, and the viharn on the west has very lively stucco relief work and houses a large Burmese style Buddha. It was built in the 19th century by a Burmese teak business person.

Wat Chai Sri Phum
  • This temple consists of a large viharn and ubosot of central Thai influence. Unfortunately the original ho trai has been replaced by a new 2 tiered one. The chedi stands in the far corner, with red niches containing Buddha images on its four sides.