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Wat Traimit China Town Bangkok

Solid Gold Buddha At Wat Traimit Chinatown Bangkok

  • Wat Traimit is an interesting complex of various deities. Wat Traimit is located near Odeon traffic circle where one can see the traditional Chinese Gate marking the entrance to China town in Bangkok.
  • When entering the front gate you are for confronted with an array of statues of various Hindu deities and other mythical characters from Hindu mythology all of which are the subject of adoration by the attendees. It is easy not to find in the rear of the Wat grounds the Buddhist temple containing the world 's largest solid gold Buddha.
  • This Buddha image is 15 feet tall and weighs some 5.5 tons. This Buddha image was caste in the 13 C in the Sukhothai art style and at some later time was covered in cement to hide its true solid gold form.
  • In 1955 when the image was being moved, some of this cement fell off, revealing beneath this solid gold masterpiece.

Hindhu Deity at Wat Traimit China Town Bangkok.